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Bachelor on Guard

Abby Kercher has spent the past five years proving she doesn’t need Nico D’Antoni, but now her life is in danger and Nico is the only man who can keep her safe.

Abby is all grown up and Nico finds she’s changed in dangerous ways, but some things haven’t changed, like their unwanted attraction, the darkness of his past, and his promise to protect her, which must override everything.

Can they put their past behind them, or will a long-kept secret destroy them both?


Bachelor on Board

Success is the best revenge. Amber Reed, a rising television producer, needs her new show—Bachelor on Board, Australia—to outshine the one her ex stole from her, or risk losing her job to the conniving Lothario, but when her Bachelor falls in love and absconds with one of the contestants, she’s forced to rely on Plan B, Nathan Moretti, the high school popular who broke her heart.
Nathan Moretti, soon-to-be head of the wealthy Moretti family, needs a wife to protect the family fortune from his gold-digger stepmother, and his job should be easy with twenty-four beautiful women to choose from. Right?
Not when the only woman he wants is the one behind the camera and her success relies on him finding love with someone else, on screen, on schedule, as promised. Can Amber forgive the past and risk her heart—again?


Bachelor on Trial, Book One

Beauty and the Bachelor Collection

(Previous edition: The Scarlet Letter of the Law)

When Tony Radcliff joins Forbes lawyers, career-driven Scarlet O’Connor finds she has competition for the coveted partnership position.

And Tony has a couple of aces up his sleeve. Like his surf-sculpted body, which plays havoc with Scarlet’s ‘all work and no play’ plans for partnership. And his brother, who holds the key to a secret from her past.

When Scarlet and Tony start steaming up the office windows, there’s no doubt they’re playing with fire. But there can only be one winner, so who gets burned?

Shatterproof (003) 131020.jpg

Shatterproof, Book One 

Heart of Glass Series

Emily Stone, an internationally successful model on the brink of supermodel stardom, appears to have it all. All, except love, because Emily wants the kind of man who isn’t fooled by the pretty. She wants the kind of love that’s big enough and true enough to include her disabled sister and dysfunctional mother. Nick was an A-list actor in tinsel town with a super-sized ego until a tragic car accident stole his wife, his unborn child, and his gilded career, leaving him physically and emotionally scarred.When wintry French Island brings these two wayward souls home, shared childhood memories aren’t enough to bridge the deep divide forged by their adult lives and choices.That is until Carmie, Emily’s delightful Down Syndrome sister, weaves her special kind of magic. Can Carmie’s boundless love and infectious joy help them to heal their broken hearts or will the glamour of Emily’s work-world whisk her away?


Once upon a Christmas Wish

Jenn Adams is determined to tick off her bucket list and face her past nemeses—learning to ski and a man named Brad.

Brad Oregon is the only man she’s ever loved. His chocolate eyes. His to-kill-for smile. His toned body. His very toned body.

But Brad’s reputation with women is almost as renowned as his ski-racing success. Now a ski instructor in beautiful Whistler, he’s as difficult to resist as the scenery! What the hell. Life is short. A two week holiday romance should suit them both perfectly. Right?

Desert Prince FINAL (004).jpg

Desert Prince, Scandalous Affair

A sexy romance about a prejudiced sheikh and a heroine with a lot to hide!

Coming Soon...

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