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Hello there.

Welcome! Thanks for visiting. What is one word that defines you? Don’t ponder it. What word jumps into your head?

My word is passion.

I want to live my life passionately. I feel deeply. The good and the bad! It’s a blessing and a flaw.

I’m far from perfect, but I’m me. As some people say, it’s our flaws that make us interesting. My mantra these days is that it’s better to be interested than interesting.

Where do you like to escape to in your reading?

No matter the genre, I love a passionate read and a moving story. When I go to the movies, I want to be moved. I want to laugh out loud, to cry and cling to the tissues, to sit on the edge of my seat, knotted with fear and to slump back with relief when a character triumphs. When I read, I want the same. Don’t you love an author who can draw you into their story world and make you believe? I want to get lost in the story. I want to feel right along with the characters.

What is your heaven?

My heaven is a book and a bath; or curling up in bed with a good story (and a good man). I love the ocean and the mountains. I love a fire in the grate and a glass of wine. I love the feel of water against my skin. The feel of the wind. The touch of the sun. The sound of the waves. The warmth of love. The crazy of kids and pets. The joy of friends and laughter and fun. The perfection of good food. The scent of the rain or freshly cut grass. The trill of the birds. The sight of a far horizon.

I love to write romantic fiction, whether it’s set in today’s contemporary world or in the past. I love to explore the universal dramas of love and desire that affect us all.

I wish you a good day. A positive day. A day fully lived. I wish you a moment or many of your kind of heaven.


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