Thanks for visiting. I love to write romance – passionate, powerful and provocative stories about love and emotional connection; and longer women’s fiction with a smattering of intrigue, a dash of what if, and a sprinkling of historical truth. I’m finding my feet as a writer. I’ve written over ten full length sexy romances, one full length historical women’s fiction story set in the 1920’s (coming soon) and two novellas. I love to read all genres of fiction.

I’m part of a book club too so if you have a great book you’d like to share or a story you can’t wait for someone to write, please contact me as I’d love to hear from you or sign-up to receive my newsletter, which will be forwarded not too often, but now and again! I’ll share the latest books that got the thumbs up from my reader friends and of course, I look forward to sharing mine!

Oh and I’m a Firebird… we are the finalists from the 2012 Golden Heart competition and you’ll find the link to these gorgeous, talented, sensational writers on my webpage!

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